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    Excel Interacting With Access (XP; SP3)

    Can someone provide me a resource on how Excel interacts with Access?

    I'm interested in having End Users click on a button to update a database as well as clicking on another button to extract data either using the same format as the update template or a different one.

    I'm not sure how to go about it.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.


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    Re: Excel Interacting With Access (XP; SP3)

    Excel has built-in features for retrieving data from an Access database:
    - Data | Import External Data | New Database Query
    - The VBA method CopyFromRecordset

    You could use ADO or DAO to transfer data from Excel back to Access.

    But using Excel as a frontend for Access could be problematic. It's easy to enter invalid data, so you'd have to do a lot of checking that Access would do automatically. (And Access has much better facilities for creating user-friendly data entry forms.)

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