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    definitions? (All)

    Ok, it is my goal, without spending money, to find some sort of reference that will give me definitions of parts of code used in access, i.e. Dim, str, variant, Set, there an online source to help me understand all of this? I've gone with the flow without really knowing what's going on far too long, (I've been faking the funk, so to speak). Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Re: definitions? (All)

    The things you mention are general VB/VBA terms, they are not specific to Access. The help that comes with Access has lots of explanations and examples. Type a term you want info on in the Visual Basic Editor and press F1 to get help about it.

    Microsoft Access 2000: Building Applications with Forms and Reports is a good tutorial on the Microsoft site. It's useful for Access 2002 and 2003 as well.

    Fellow lounger <!profile=Drew>Drew<!/profile> used to have a VBA tutorial on his website, but that seems to be offline at the moment.

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