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    Outlook to Access (2003)

    I am trying to export several hundreded E-mails from Outlook to Access. I am successful with some, but I notice that if I try to bring in E-mails from an SMTP the body of the E-mail does not show up. I have tried exporting the folder from Outlook to an Access file, then importing into Access. I have also tried just creating the table in Access? Any ideas why the SMTP bodies do not come through?

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    Re: Outlook to Access (2003)

    Hi Connie,

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge. I just ran tests both ways importing and exporting email into Access and got the message body both times - and all my emails are SMTP. I did this using Office XP, as I still run that on my main PC. One thing you might check is to see if you have the most recent service pack for Office 2003 - I wasn't able to find any Microsoft Knowledge Base articles that describe your problem however.

    <font color=blue>Update:</font color=blue> After I posted, I thought to check the Outlook forum, and there is a thread which may provide some clues - see <post#=430675>post 430675</post#>. If you were running a previous version of Outlook and didn't create a new PST file, it appears that the export functions get confused. I didn't know this, but the file format for PST files changed with Outlook 2003. So I learned something - not an uncommon experience here in the Lounge.

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