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    WOPR w/ Word 2000

    I am about to upgrade from Office '97 to Office 2000 ... and I've read all about stopping with SR 1/1a. What I haven't read about is what the WOPR for Word 2000 does, or what I should be aware of in terms of saving things, especially the File/New "links" to templates.

    AND ... I use DATAPROMPTER in Word '97 a LOT. I need to know if Dataprompter is compatialbe with Word 2000?


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    Re: WOPR w/ Word 2000

    So far as I know, DATAPROMPTER is compatible with Word 2000. You might want to ask Bill Coan, though. <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>.

    WOPR 2000 is available with either Using Office 2000 Special Edition or Using Word 2000 Special Edition from Que. You can also get it as part of a Word PowerPak put out by MacMillan. I purchased that for $10.00 at a Shopko (discount store). I don't think that all of WOPR 97 will run on Word 2000 but don't know this. I know that most of WOPR 2000 will not run on Word 97. WOPR2000 includes the Placebar Customizer (which you can download otherwise for free) as well as a number of other useful Add-Ins. It does not contain a booklet printing utility.

    Templates: If you have modified any of the templates that came with Word, you would want to rename them. Your own templates won't be disturbed. Word 2000 completely hides its distribution templates and puts user templates in a different location. After you have installed Word 2000, you can copy your current templates folder to the new templates folder, or if you are not running on a network, you could simply designate it as your workgroup templates folder.

    Any modifications you have made to your user environment by modifying may be lost unless you rename before you do your update. If you want to move those modifications to your new, write back and I'll post the (long) directions on how to do this.

    See: <A target="_blank" HREF=> Template Basics</A> ( for more on templates (user and workgroup), document templates, global templates and This also includes how the files are organized under File New and the location of template folders which varies not only by version of Word but also by operating system.
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