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    Validating table field against external database (2003 SP1)

    Can I validate a table field against an external database? If so, how?

    I've got a table with field called EquipNo. We have a Maintenance System in Db2 that stores master Equip Numbers in a huge table. I want to run a piece of code to query the Db2 database using the entered EquipNo and check to see that it's valid. If not then the user should get a message. User sometimes uses form for data entry but often goes straight to table and always will, so I'd like to validate right at the table level instead if possible. I need to use code instead of doing a lookup because of speed problems.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Validating table field against external database (2003 SP1)

    There is no way to validate at the table level in Access. As for your user, that is a design fault in the database. Users should never be allowed to enter data directly into tables for this very reason.

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