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    Can't Open File (XP SP)

    I created a very simple database for a friend who copied it to her computer and used it. She ran into a problem and called me and as I didn't have time to deal with it at that time, I advised her to email the file to me at work and I'd look at it when I had a free minute. When I tried to open the file from my email client (OE), I got this message: Microsoft Access cannot open this file. This file is located outside your intranet or on an untrusted site. Microsoft Access will not open the file due to a potential security problem. To open the file, copy it to your machine or a network accessible location.

    So, I saved the file to my hard drive and tried to open the file and the same thing happened. Since it was late in the day, I forwarded the email to myself at home and when trying to open the file at home I had the same problem.

    Can anyone tell me what's happening? I've never had that problem before.


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    Re: Can't Open File (XP SP)

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