I am experiencing a problem with completely synchronizing my Dell X-30 Axim with my Dell Dimension XPS T-600 desktop running Windows 98 SE, Office 2000 with Outlook upgraded to 2002 during installation of ActiveSync 3.7.1 (build 4034) from the Axim CD.

I recently had to re-format my hard drive due to a problem unistalling Norton Anti-Virus and other Symantec products (another story). On this re-format I went ahead and set up Windows profiles for me and my bride. I also, after some trial and error and help from WOPR, set up separate e-mail accounts for us so we do not have to worry about accidentally moving or deleting the other's e-mail. Additionally, this problem came to light right after I had tried using the Axim to collect and send e-mail using the wireless feature. I set up accounts for my wife and me on the Axim but could not get the mail feature to work. I wound up checking our mail via our ISP's web site using the Axim's wireless feature.

When I sync the Axim with my desktop now I get a message saying "Synchronization cannot be started because you are not able to log on to the network and access information. Restart your desktop computer and synchronize again. If the problem persists, contact your Network Administrator." The odd thing is synchronization seems to continue to completion after I acknowledge the message except that the Notes folder has an "Attention Required" note next to it in the ActiveSync window. The Notes in the folder do not seem to have been adversely affected, however. When I checked for the ActiveSync version I noticed the info included that the product was licensed to "Guest" though when ActiveSync starts it lists the correct user name/device ID (NOT "Guest"). I have no idea how the "Guest" licensee entry came to pass.

Any help Lounge members can provide me will be greatly appreciated.