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    Sliding scale of charges (Access 97 SR2)

    My users want to have some new products which are charged using a sliding scale or tiers of charges. For example, for product X the first 1000 will be charged at 0.15, the next 1000 at 0.13, the next 1000 at 0.10, and the rest at 0.05.

    What I need is a form which allows users to set the charges up for these products with a minimum of 2 tiers, and a user-defined maximum (passed in as a parameter or global variable). They need to be able to add tiers, delete them, and reset to the original set-up. I was wondering whether anyone had done anything similar & could perhaps supply some ideas, and/or sample forms/code.

    Thanks in advance for the help


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    Re: Sliding scale of charges (Access 97 SR2)

    Setting a form should be easy enough. I would create a table with two fields - a number (long integer) field Tier (the primary key), and a currency field Charge (you can use other names of course). A simple continuous form will do to let the user edit, add and remove tiers. You could create a copy of the table with the default setup, and use this to restore the default in the 'working' table if needed.

    Next problem is how to use the table. This depends on how exactly the total charge is calculated.

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