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    whitelist rule (outlook 2000)

    I'm having trouble setting up a rule to filter all incoming mail using a whitelist. I have done this easily using outlook express but can't get it to work using outlook. the basic method is to send all incoming mail to the trash, but then set up an exception to allow all mail that includes people in my contact list. Can someone give me some specific steps? I couldn't find anything real helpful so far in searching this forum or a google search, most items were vague. thanks

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    Re: whitelist rule (outlook 2000)

    I never used the special junk mail features of Outlook 2000-2002, if any.

    The Rules Wizard can recognized addresses in two forms: (1) exactly as entered in your address book, and (2) based on a string of letters appearing in the from address. The second is safer, unless you have added all the relevant variations to your address book.

    But I don't recall that you could simply point the Rule to your Contacts folder. Instead, I think you had to load them into the rule and, if anything changed, update the rule or add additional rules to contain the new addresses.

    Perhaps one of the "Outlook Express-to-Outlook" how to sites would have better information.

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