I know this is a hot topic, but I'm putting my problem out there to share, as well.

I have created a document template that includes a custom menu that I (ostensibly) place on the "Menu Bar" menu. Now, the workstations on which these documents (the ones using this template) will be used have several Startup templates, often including the notorious PDFMaker template from Adobe. I will note, however, that the problem I'm describing occurs even on systems without that template. What happens, as you can imagine, is when the document is opened, you can briefly see the custom menu (called "Protocol") appear where it should, and then disappear. The rather inconvenient workaround that I use is to go into Templates and AddIns and disable pretty much any of the templates; it doesn't seem to matter which one. (Obviously, I try to choose one that I don't really want or need, but that's moot.)

Now, aside from the fact that this workaround is not something I'd like to try to communicate to the average user here, the REALLY odd thing is that, if I open up a second (or third) document that uses the same template, the "disappearing menu" phenomenon happens again, and THIS time I can make the menu appear for THAT document by going into Templates and AddIns and re-enabling the previously disabled template.

But wait, it gets better: If I switch back to the first Protocol document, the Protocol menu is gone again, and I have to repeat the process(es).

I know I'm jaded, because I don't even curse Word anymore. But I would like input from anyone else (or a good resource to learn from) that has dealt with this issue. Specifically, would this problem go away (or even be minimized) if the template created the menu on the fly, at run-time? (Of course, the problem there would be that our publishing area shuns documents with Auto-macros, as they could potentially hang an automated process until someone personally acknowledges any possible error message that might appear... not that my code ever throws errors!)

For what it's worth, my rather pedestrian solution was to create a seperate toolbar with a single drop-down menu, although I find that approach kind of unattractive and kludgy.