There are SO MANY places where you can customise the Googlebar extension to Firefox, and Google itself, that there's a good chance you can miss something.

You can localise the Maps Search (Google beta) to look for UK places by default, enabling the UK person to find Ross-on-Wye, Stratton-on-the-Fosse and Newcastle-under-Lyme (for example) without it having a fit on the hyphens, and saying it can't find these places anywhere in the US!

This non-intuitive procedure (obtained from a very helpful person on the Googlebar forums) enables you to set up the default search for UK places, the only other current option being US.<UL><LI>On the Googlebar, click on the down arrow between the lower-case "g" and the search box, at the left-hand side<LI>select "Googlebar options" near the bottom of the drop-down list<LI>on the left-hand-side of the new window, click on "Google searches"<LI>in the middle of the right-hand box, "Select international version of Google Searches"<LI>note that the first box has six options in it, among which is "Maps search" -- select this<LI>in the right-hand box there should be two offerings, United States and United Kingdom; select United Kingdom<LI>click on "OK" to finish[/list]While you're at it, you could set up any of the other "international options" that haven't been set to United Kingdom!