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    Toolbar locations (WordXP)

    I have about 10 different templates, each with their own specific toolbars. Some of the toolbars are the same across the templates. I was wondering where the best place is to save the toolbars? Is it in the startup folder, or with each individual template in the workgroup templates folder? I would like to prevent toolbars opening on top of each other and moving around.

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    Re: Toolbar locations (WordXP)

    Toolbars that should be available in ALL documents should be stored in (if it is for your personal use) or in a global template/add-in (i.e. a template stored in the startup folder).
    Toolbars that should be available in documents based on specific templates can be stored in those templates - Word will take care of showing/hiding the toolbars as the user switches between documents.

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