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    Lookup field on report (Access 2000)

    Subject edited by HansV to be more informative than "ACCESS".

    I have created a query from multiple tables. The query works great, but when I use the query for a report it pulls the wrong information from the "City, State" table. Instead of pulling the name of City, State; it uses the primary Key designator which is in column one. The City State table uses a combo box for choices and in properties for the query I have it pulling information from the second column and have the column widths 0",1",0". The first column is the primary key-auto number, the second column is the City,State, and the third column is the zip code.

    Why would the report pull information from the first column and not the second using the same query which is pulling the information <img src=/S/scratch.gif border=0 alt=scratch width=25 height=29>

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    Re: Lookup field on report (Access 2000)

    What type is the control on the report? If you make it a combo box like the one used in the query, it should display correctly.

    If that doesn't work, you can add the City, State table to the query, joined to the main table on the ID field (primary key). Add the field(s) you need to the query, and use those on the report.

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