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    Transfer Internet Accounts from Desktop to Noteboo (O2k SP-3 (9.0.6627) WinXP SP-2)

    I have a Desktop using Outlook with 6 Internet Accounts
    I have a Notebook using Outlook

    I want to transferre Desktop Internet Accounts to my notebook.

    1. What is the best way to achieve this?

    2. Is there syncronizing option?

    3. What and where are the Outlook Internet Accounts located on my desktop?

    Thanks, John

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    Re: Transfer Internet Accounts from Desktop to Not

    Outlook account information is stored in the registry under the section for your user information. Some tools, such as those that help you move your settings from one computer to another, know how to capture and restore this information, but having looked at this part of registry, I have to say it's not obvious how to do it manually.

    In the old days, one could easily import accounts into Outlook Express from a menu choice in OE, and then export an account settings file and use that to transfer the information to another mail client. Outlook 2000 still might have the option to import those settings (I don't have a copy handy to see).

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