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    Folders for New Email Account (Outlook 2003)

    I have three email addresses - one Hotmail, and two POP3 accounts. I just got the second POP3 account and I don't want it coming into the same Inbox as my other POP3 account that currently comes into my Personal Folders Data File. I tried to create a new Data File, which created the new Inbox, Sent Items etc. - but there is no option to allow me to have the new POP3 account delivered to this set of folders (without moving both accounts). The help menus seem to indicate that only different email account types (i.e., internet accounts, POP3 accounts, exchange server accounts) are entitled to their own sent of folders (i.e., separate data file). Is there no way to have different POP3 accounts coming into separate inboxes without having a separate Outlook profile - I don't want this. Thank you very much for your help.

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    Re: Folders for New Email Account (Outlook 2003)

    One option is to use Rules to Move the messages as soon as they hit your main inbox. One of the options in the Rules Wizard is to act on the "account," which should be the name you assigned when setting it up. See the attached for info on how to select this criterion.

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