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    HTML using word (XP)

    I had Win98SE and used Notepad to do simple html for a webpage. Then I got XP and Word, and for some reason (my ignorance?), I can't figure out how to do this
    same simple html....... (Do you want Word to become your default html blah , blah )..Several clicks, thinking I was finding the right way, ended up cutting me off completely. Can anyone tell me in a string-like fashion (go here, click this, etc.)how to simply code four images with captions for the four, so I can upload it onto my webpage???
    I tried the Windows Help files, but you know how that is..............HOPELESS!
    Thanks for past help, and this help, too.

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    Re: HTML using word (XP)

    There are a couple of ways. One is to simply put all of the HTML tag info in the document, just as you would in Notepad, but then save it as a text file - that drops all the Word formatting. The other way is to build a Word document that looks like you want the Web Page to look like, and then tell Word to save it in HTML format. You will find that the resulting HTML looks quite different (and sort of kludgy) with the latter approach, but if you are HTML challenged, it's an easy way.

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    Re: HTML using word (XP)

    When you right click an existing HTML file, you should have an Open With fly-out menu that lets you (perhaps through another dialog) choose WordPad or Notepad as your editor. If you want to use Word's features, such as AutoText, AutoCorrect, more sophisticated spell-checking, etc., then make sure you turn on Tools>Options..., General tab, Confirm Conversion at open. That way, when Word asks whether you want to recognize the document as an HTML document -- which will blow away your HTML source code and render your page into a Word document -- you can choose Plain Text instead.

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