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    Terminal Server SBS 2003

    I am trying to connect to a Small Business Server via Terminal Services from a laptop (as a test I am using dial up as everything I have read says that while it wont fly, it is usable. Also I will be in places where only dial up is available) Server is a PIV 2.8 with 1 gig ram and plenty hard drive space. Laptop is a PIV 2.4 with 256 m ram
    While I can connect, the process is going to cost me a fortune as I need to have a coffee machine next to the computer to fill in the time to wait for screen updates. For example, it just took 12 minutes from connection to the desktop icons appearing .
    Can anyone direct me to useful sites to help tune the process
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    Re: Terminal Server SBS 2003

    Do you need to use terminal server to do this? There are other programs such as TightVNC, PcAnywhere. If you do need to us Terminal Server, then you might want to check on the 'Options' and then 'Experiences' where you can alter the settings according to the bandwidth you are taking up. You will notice there is a drop down menu box where you can select 56k or 28k modem.
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