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    Can Someone Help--Can't network my computers

    I need some serious help! I have never dealt with computer networking before, and the terminology has my head spinning. <img src=/S/dizzy.gif border=0 alt=dizzy width=15 height=15> So I'll try and explain what I have been doing. If I miss mentioning something important, please let me know.

    Anyway, I want to network my upstairs computer (Windows XP), and my downstairs computer (Windows 98). I have a DLink wireless router which is connected to my downstairs computer. I can access my ADSL internet from both computers already (someone else did that for me--I don't know how to do that). I have a color inkjet printer hooked to my upstairs computer. I have a black and white laser printer hooked to my downstairs computer. I want to be able to access both printers. That is mainly why I want to network my computers.

    How would I even start to network my computers? I have read all kinds of help on this subject via the Help on my computer, but I just keep going around in circles! I don't know what to do. I keep getting all confused with the computer jargon, and when it is explained I still don't understand it. Can somebody send me some step-by-step instructions? This is driving me INSANE!!! <img src=/S/bwaaah.gif border=0 alt=bwaaah width=123 height=15>

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    Re: Can Someone Help--Can't network my computers

    I'm afraid you're going to have to do some reading to understand how to configure this - unless you have a friendly expert who can come round and set it all up for you.

    The basic idea is to ensure you have a physical network in place (Wireless or Ethernet).
    Then to configure TCP/IP on both computers so that they can communicate with each other
    Then to configure sharing on both computers so that the printers are shared to the network
    Then to configure security on both computers so that the shared printers can be accessed

    It is very probable that you have already done the first two of these steps, if both computers are able to access a single ADSL connection.

    You may want to try reading some of the links fromThis Microsoft page, and possibly the article here which gives specific instructions for networking Windows XP with Windows 98.


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    Re: Can Someone Help--Can't network my computers

    Having done something similar, except with only 1 printer, here is what I did. My Win98 machine was the host computer for the printer. I installed the printer on that computer, and made sure it worked before moving forward. After the printer was installed I made sure that the printer was shared.
    Next I went to the WinXP machine, and went thru they networking setup. (Read this carefully) and picked out from the diagrams the closest match to my set up. I then let Win XP do its thing and when it asked me if I wanted to make a disk to set up other computers I clicked on yes. I then took that floppy and put it in the Win98 machine after it asked for it from the networking wizard. After that was all done, I re-booted the computer and voila. Everything was fine. I might add one little bit of advice here. Make sure that you have a folder already shared.... Ok now for the printer. Click on add a new printer, and select the networked printers, and they should be there provided you shared them. My current setup is 4 computers sharing 2 printers with a VoIP phone as well. I have Cable Internet and I did come in here to seek sugggestions on what to do, because I ran out of ports on the Linksys Router. I now have 2 of the computer running thru a network switch. My point is that if one of the moderators in here tell you to do something more, then listen to them. They are good
    Thanks John
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