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    Jump to Switchboard Page (2002, xSP3)

    I'm working with a large Switchboard system created with Switchboard manager. The users have now determined that several of the options on the switchboards which have sub switchboards need to be password protected. Is was hoping to just open a form from the switchboard, which after the password is approved, the code would then go the switchboard page I needed. I can't find how to jump to a switchboard page. Is there other options to do this or should I start creating my own menu systems with forms?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Jump to Switchboard Page (2002, xSP3)

    Trying to create your own security in an Access database is like reinventing the wheel. Take a look at user-level security - each user will have to log into the database with a username and password. You can assign permissions to individual forms and reports based on the username.

    See WendellB's tutorial The Secrets of Security. It contains a short introduction and many useful links.

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