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    Re: Linked values don't always round correctly

    Go to Tools, Options and select the Calculation tab. Uncheck Precision as Displayed and see if that helps.


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    Mike Savides

    Re: Linked values don't always round correctly

    Thanks. That worked, too. The values in most of the spreadsheets that I use must have precision as displayed. I know that there are certain ramifications to setting the sheet this way, but once set, I assume that there shouldn't be any problem going back and forth. Still, it is worrysome that 99.9% of the time the calculations are correct, yet once in a while, you see these problems. Thanks again.

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    Mike Savides

    Linked values don't always round correctly

    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by WebGenii on 11-Jun-01 19:13.</FONT></P>The following is a continuation of <A target="_blank" HREF= =expanded&sb=5&part=1&vc=1> this thread. </A>

    Attachment didn't go thru. Trying again...Once in a while, I notice that a linked value does not display (round) correctly. If I change the number of decimals (up or down) and then go back to the correct number, the value will correct itself. Also, some other actions (deleting certain rows, etc. have the same effect to correct the problem. (I'm using Excel 97 on Win 95, precision as displayed). How can I ensure that the values will always be correct? Calc Now (F9) doesn't help. Attached is an example. Thanks in advance for any help!

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