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    Low Physical memory

    I have Microsoft Windows XP professional OS. Version:5.1.2600 with service pack 2.0 on my computer, and I have 2.00GB. of RAM, installed, and in the Bios it see the 2.00GB. of RAM. In the system properties dialog box, in the general tab at the bottom it shows 2.00GB. of RAM. But here is my problem, I go to, Help and Support center, and click on, Use Tools to view your computer information and diagnose problems, then click on, Advanced System information, then click on, View detailed system information (msinfo 32.exe), then go down to, Total Physical memory, and it see that I have only, 256.00MB. of Ram, and it should say, I have 2.00GB. I think? On other computers, that I have check out, it is the right answer. but not on my computer. So what is the right answer. How much RAM can Windows XP deal with? Think You

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    Re: Low Physical memory

    Hi and welcome to the Lounge,

    this is merely a "cosmetic" problem, than a real problem.

    You know that there are 2.00 GB of RAM verified, OK
    The BIOS manage to see the 2.00 GB of RAM, OK
    The OS recognize the 2.00 GB of RAM; it is showed in System Properties, General tab. OK

    But, certain programs look at SMBIOS data and this data can be wrong. It can be wrong because the maker of the PC did not change it to reflect actual hardware. There are other programs that can show this (wrong) information. If you take a look at Everest or AIDA32, their summary of DMI has a warning: "Accuracy of DMI data cannot be guaranteed".

    No matter how irritating this can be, in most cases it does not matter, i.e. every program sees the correct amount of RAM.

    You can also look at my answer to a similar question; post 453585

    The right answer is: 2.00 GB
    The maximum amount of memory that can be supported on Windows XP is 4 GB; even though many machines can not handle that.


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