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    Cause Access to Open on another machine? (Office 2000 or Office 2003)

    This is going to sound nutty: but can I write a script in VBA or VBScript that will open an Access database to a given record but on another computer on my workgroup LAN? The reason I want this is that I have a telephony program installed which has VB scripting capability and I wanted this to check my contacts table and try to match a contact using the caller ID displayed for the incoming phone call. But the telephony board has to be on a different machine to the one that has the said Access application running - ie the IVR runs on machine B but the application runs on machine A on the LAN.
    Can this be done?

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    Re: Cause Access to Open on another machine? (Offi

    I'm not aware of any way to do that using Access, and linking to the table from Excel or Word would be slow. I'd build a little ASP page on the computer hosting the database, and query the MDB and return the result in the browser. If you need to be able to "read" the page using VBA/VBScript, there is a Windows API call that retrieves web pages (VBA only), or you could automate IE and read the contents using MSHTML, or perhaps retrieve the page as a stream and read it as a big string...

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