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    Combo Box in spreadsheet

    I would like to be able to use a combo box in the body of a spreadsheet (not a form) to pick a value from a list and then use that value to access data in the related column.
    I have tried it in the attached sheet but with no success.
    The list is H4:J4 and I would like the selected value placed in A15. Is there also a way to get the location of the selected value?
    Many thanks.

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    Re: Combo Box in spreadsheet

    You forgot to attach your example, but never mind. To allow a user to pick from a list, one of the easiest ways is through Data Validation (under the Data menu).

    Click on A15, select Validation from the Data menu. On the form that comes up, select List from the list under Allow, and put H4:j4 as the source of the list.

    As for getting the location of the selected value, you could use the Match function to find the position of the item in the original list.

    Just say if you need further details.


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    Re: Combo Box in spreadsheet

    Thanks Jon - this doea just what I want.

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