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    Importing information from outlook to Access (2000)


    Is is possible to automatically import information from an email into an access database?
    I would like to import the following information which was sent to me in an amail.

    The fields l would like to import are as follows:
    Description -
    Serial Number

    I would like to extract this information and place it into the database.
    Is this possible?
    see below for details to be imported.


    Item 1

    Qty 1 Compaq EVO Laptop Computer, Serial No. N610cP180X430VC252

    Item 2

    Qty 1 Carry Case

    Item 3

    Qty 1 AC Adapter, Serial No. 2Y11423404

    Item 3

    Qty 1 Modem Cable, Part No. 112666-008

    Item 4

    6 x CD Software Bundle Comprising:

    Compaq QuickRestore Application Recovery CD
    Compaq QuickRestore System Recovery CD (1 of 2)
    Compaq QuickRestore System Recovery CD (2 of 2)
    Easy CD Creator 5.31 Basic
    InterVideo Win DVD
    Documentation Library

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    Re: Importing information from outlook to Access (2000)

    You can use Automation to control Outlook from Access. If you do a search for Outlook.Application in this forum, you'll find several examples and links.

    The major task would be to parse the text in the body of the e-mail into individual fields. Since the items seem to have different formats, that won't be easy.

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