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    Conversion Error (Acces97/Access2003)

    I am trying to convert an Access 97 database to an Access 2003 database and I am getting some errors. Attached is the conversion error table. Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Conversion Error (Acces97/Access2003)

    The Access 97 database was most likely converted from an older version in its turn.
    - Activate the Visual Basic Editor
    - Select Tools | References...
    - Clear the check boxes for all references starting with missing.
    - Locate Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library and tick its check box.
    - Click OK.

    See if you can open frmHidden in design view. It contains a non-native control named ActiveXCtl100. You will have to delete it and use the More Controls... button on the Toolbox to add a replacement to the form, if available on your present system. Similar for the progress bar on frmSplashScreen. If equivalent controls are not available, you'll either have to find and install them, or modify the forms to do without them.

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