Regular visitors will have noticed that the Lounge has been unavailable several times during the past weeks. We now think that the Google Web Accelerator has been causing these problems. In its attempt to preload web pages, it tries to "click" all buttons on a web page, including buttons such as "Make a new post". Since the Google Web Accelerator itself is not logged into the Lounge, this causes an error on the server.

Therefore we would like to ask all Loungers who use the Google Web Accelerator to exclude from being accelerated. If all Accelerator users do this, we should have fewer crashes in the future.
<UL><LI>Click the Google Web Accelerator speedometer icon to open the menu.
<LI>Select Preferences...
<LI>Type in the Don't Accelerate These Sites text box.
<LI>Click Save Preferences.[/list]Thank you for your cooperation.