Build 42 available at Raxco Windows Product Support - Service Packs And Upgrades or use the integrated updater.

From the Whatsnew file:

"What's new in PerfectDisk build 7.00.042
Clarified some of the boot-time defragmentation messages.
Changed PerfectDisk's boot time defragmentation code to be consistent with changes made to check disk (chkdsk.exe) in Windows XP, Service Pack 2.
Corrected a bug in the boot time defragmentation. PerfectDisk records the current time on shutdown and compares it to the system time at reboot. On Windows XP, Service Pack 2, the system time at reboot can be earlier then the system time at shutdown. Raxco was unaware that Microsoft was able to travel back in time.
Some code segments were changed to be consistent with PerfectDisk Live. "