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    Word 2K and text boxes

    This is my very first post so be kind! I have a document, with a front page which has a title consisting of a couple of lines of text which are centred vertically, using Page Setup. I then wanted to put the company name and address at the bottom of the page, so I drew a text box and entered the info. However, now my 2 lines of vertically centred text were pushed to the top of the page. Yet when I opened the same document in Word 97, they were back in the centre again. So I tried changing some of the options for the text box in Word 2K, in order to stop this happening but without success. The only way to make the vertically centred text go back to the centre of the page seems to be to convert the text box to a frame - then everything behaves normally. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to change the options for the text box in Word 2K, without converting it, to make this work?

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    Re: Word 2K and text boxes

    I have had this same frustrating experience...I believe the problems lies in the way Word interrupts the anchor. What I have down in the past - put your two lines of centred text within a text box - without the lines - and centre it vertically on the page. You can then add your text box at the bottom without any problems.

    Not ideal but it does work.


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    Re: Word 2K and text boxes

    In addition to Janet's suggestion, another option might be to put the company name and address into the page footer.

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