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    Auto Filter (any)

    I very often use the auto filter to hide certain rows in my worksheets, but is there a way to do the same with columns? Thanks.


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    Re: Auto Filter (any)

    No there is no built-in way. The closest is to "Group/Outline" by columns, but I do not think this is what you want. You can hide/unhide columns depending on how they are grouped, but it does not work like autofilter on individual rows to fileter columns like an autofilter would.

    Some options:
    Create your own code to check the columns and then hide them (could be very cumbersome)

    Redesign the database to more conventional: fields as the columns, data in rows. and then use the conventional filtering:
    Transpose your database so the columns are rows and rows are columns
    Other redesign options.

    If you want to provide some details of your current design and how you plan on using the data (inputting desires and output needs) we can offer some suggestions.


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