We have a fully functioning, fully working Windows 2003 Server domain. All our servers (members and DC's) are Windows Server 2003 and we are operating at the highest domain functional level (i.e. W2k3). DNS and AD Replication are just fine...so, what's the problem?

If we run a "gpresult" command on either our XPSP2 clients, or one of the W2K3 Servers, the "Domain Type:" reported comes back as Windows 2000?!? How bizare is that?!

Ignoring the rule that all Active Directory DC's are equal, I should point out that our Operations Master has been in-place upgraded from Windows 2000 . Is this just a sticky registry setting somewhere? Or something more serious with AD? But why is everything working OK?

I can find nothing on a MSKB, nor via various search strings on Google. Can anyone offer some pointers - its driving me mad!