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    Lost Emails (Outlook 97 to XP)

    Hi All,

    My wife (Outlook 97 - pst file 133mb) and I (Outlook XP) are swapping emails and something very wield has started to happen. When I send her an email, everything is fine. When she forwards my email to someone else (or sends it back to me) all she ends up sending is "yp>". It looks fine when she hits the send button but it is basically blank when we open it in her outbox.

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    Re: Lost Emails (Outlook 97 to XP)

    Hi Timbo,

    This thread from pcworld - although in this case it relates to OE - it may give you some clues.

    <hr>Q: I have had about three occasions when friends have replied saying that they are not getting my email just a blank space with "yp" at the bottom. The p is elongated at the top and bottom of the downstroke.

    A: This is a known bug if you use HTML without including message in reply.
    Turn on the option to include the original message in your reply, and delete the old message during composition if you want to.<hr>

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