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    IE6 Terminates and Reboots

    I am trying to repair a PC running Win 2000, SP4 with IE 6 - the problem started before I updated Windows. The system seems to be ok except that when I try to access certain web sites such as MS updates at some point when downloading the screen elements the system immediately reboots with no error message - at least that is visable before the screen clears. I have run two antispyware system scans and Symantec antivirus - all set for deap scan. No viruses or spyware was detected.

    Other than avoid web sites that cause the system to reboot, are there any know problems that can cause this? I have many other systems contigured the same way that do not exhibit this problem.

    Is it possible to repair or delete and reinstall IE6?

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    Re: IE6 Terminates and Reboots

    Take a look here and see if you can repair IE6 to fix the problem.
    <IMG SRC=>

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