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    mailmerge (xp sr3)

    I am trying to use mail merge to email 3 pages to a list of 42 email accounts. I have 500 kb of memory. I get three anomalies - 1) the first message is from Norton antivirus that says it couldn't send because it couldn't reach the server, and it suggests that the messages should be resent from the "sent message" file, 2) then I get a message saying that the computer is out of resources and sending seems to stop, 3) Sending appears to resume but the "sent messages file" indicates that I have send 82 messages. I know that some messages have actually been sent because I have received responses from some of them.

    My problem is where to I go from here. 500 kb of memory would seem to support 120 partial pages of text so that doesn't seem to be the problem. The ISP SMPT server doesn't appear to be off very often when sending single emails so that appears ok. I have more than 100 mb of free disk space so that seems ok. Does anyone have a thought about were to look? Perhaps mail merge is somehow limited?


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    Re: mailmerge (xp sr3)

    I hope you mean 500 MB instead of 500 kb, for the latter is not enough to even run Word 2002.

    If you are sure that your computer of free of viruses, you could temporarily turn off scanning of outgoing e-mails by NAV (in the NAV Options).
    Try sending out the e-mails in batches of 10 or 11, say 1-11, 12-21, 22-32, 33-42.

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