I have created a shortcut to this template on the user's Desktop (Win NT).

When a user sends the completed message to a recipient, a copy is placed in the Sent Items folder (as I wanted) but the envelope icon indicates that the item is Unread unlike other items in that folder.

Even though I have right-clicked on it and selected the option to Mark it as Read, it does not change.

Although I posted this in the Outlook Forum, and MaryJ did offer some advice about the behaviour of the icon on custom forms, I would love help on how to VBA the icon to swap to a Read icon after the e-mail has been sent and ends up in the Sent Items folder.

In short, I want recreate the template as a new form with the necessary VBA so that the envelope icon behaves as per user's expectations. Is this possible, if so, can anyone point me in the right direction please?

Thanks, Leigh