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    Outer Join (Access 2000)

    I have a query called qryBlStockFlow that calculates the difference between 2 other queries.
    I want however that my query qryBlStockFlow shows all the products from the first query
    called qryBlInputSum and not only the products that exist in the second query.In the cases when
    no substraction exists the fild should show 0.This is too complicated for me.
    I have tried to write RightJoin in the place where it is writtem LeftJoin, but i got an error
    and Access didnt accept my correction.

    My query is the folloiwng:
    SELECT qryBlInputSum.Productid AS ProductID, qryBlInputSum.grade AS grade, qryBlInputSum.size, qryBlInputSum.SumOfSumOfQuantity AS [In], qryBlOutputSum.SumOfQuantity AS Out, [SumOfSumOfQuantity]-[SumOfQuantity] AS balance, products.items2 AS [

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    Re: Outer Join (Access 2000)

    Try replacing INNER JOIN with RIGHT JOIN
    There must be a space between RIGHT and JOIN.

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