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    Titles Do Not Work Well With Design (XP)

    Overly large screenshot reduced in size by HansV - please don't post pictures over 640 x 480 in size.

    I am working on a contract job that requires that I use a specific design and that design is not working will with the longer titles some of the slides need.

    The JPG file below shows the problem. As you can see, the white letters in the title work well against the black-and-blue lined title area when the title is short enough to stay in the title area. However, when the title extends into the text area, the white letters are almost invisible against the light blue background.

    One possible solution is to expand the title area, as shown in JPG. However, this is not consistent with the design and the slanting vertical white line intersects the text and makes it hard to read so this is out.

    Another possible solution is to make the text smaller. In fact, the JPG has the text reduced from the default of 42-points for the title area down to 38-points already and there is still well too much text. This particular title would have to go down to 32-points before it would fit on a single line. This is very inconsistent with the design and 32-points is hardly a title at all.

    When the title takes two lines and the bottom line contains a
    Ronny Richardson

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    Re: Titles Do Not Work Well With Design (XP)


    Under the Format menu, there is a line spacing item. In the dialog box that pops up, there are a few settings that may help. The Line Spacing item is normally set at 1 but using the down arrow can reduce this. This may look ugly when all is said and done. But it looks like you don't need much extra room to get the 2nd line into the darker area, except maybe for the descenders. Closing up the Line Spacing to .95 lines should get you something, although maybe not enough for the descenders. You can't decrease this too much (probably .9 lines would be the max) or this will start to look bad, especially if you have descenders on the first line.

    Another thing that might help is to move the title placeholder up on the slide. From your jpg, it doesn't look like there's much room at the top of the 2-line title but you don't need much.

    Anyways that's about all I can think of. Looks like you've covered most of the other bases (font size, etc.).


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    Re: Titles Do Not Work Well With Design (XP)

    Can you modify the slide layout to allow extra space at the top for those slides with 2-line titles? If so, then just create another slide master and call it 2-line title or something. Then apply that master to the appropriate slides.

    You've already received a response mentioning the line spacing. That will help. You might double-click the title placeholder on the master and check the Textbox tab -- anchoring the title at the bottom or top might help also.

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