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    MS Outlook form - error handling (Office 2003)

    I am having a problem with a MS Outlook form using VB script. When I come up to Item.TO = "Daniel REyes" and the Address Book in MS Outlook is not setup correctly the form will go into the VB script editor. If the Address Book in MS Outlook is not set as Global Address List as the default it aborts. Exits the form.

    How can I:
    1. check to see if the Address Book in mS Outlook is correct?
    2. change it or ask the user to correct it before doing this request.
    3. keep it from exiting the form and going into the vb script
    4. some kind of error code.

    Sub Forward1
    Item.To = "Daniel Reyes"
    Item.SentOnBehalfOfName = strCAD
    End sub

    Is this enough or should I enter the whole script?

    Thank you

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    Re: MS Outlook form - error handling (Office 2003)

    Is this the same problem we discussed in this thread back in March? To field: Does not recognize one or more names (Office 2003) If so, any additional information about that "Recipients" list?

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