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    VBA Help Index/Answer Wizard (VBA 6, Retail 6.0.8714)

    I cannot use the Index or Answer Wizard tabs in VBA help. The cursor changes to a two-headed arrow (the same cursor that resizes panes) when I move it try to enter text on the Index or Answer Wizard tabs. I also cannot use the hyperlinks on the text pane (the pane on the right); they do not appear as links and nothing happens when I click on them. This problem seems to have arisen suddenly out of the blue. Help in Word and Excel works fine, but that doesn't help me in VBA I have rebooted to no avail. Any explanations/suggestions?

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    Re: VBA Help Index/Answer Wizard (VBA 6, Retail 6.

    Seems to be going around. Until it cures itself, perhaps through another Windows update of the HTML help executables, see <post#=490162>post 490162</post#> for a workaround.

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