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    Word crash when using the scroll bars (WordXP SP3)


    A client has emailed us Word documents. When we open up the Word docs and use the scroll bar - scroll up & down to navigate in the document - the result is Word crashes with the send report to Microsoft. Or if I insert a page break - the result is the Word crash - microsoft report.

    Ive created a new doc & copied the content into this new document - the result the document is now stable.
    Unfortanely all the documents the clients are sending have the same symptom.

    ive experienced this before.
    Does any one know why this is occuring & how we can fix - instead of the temp fix to clean up the docs?

    many thanks Diana

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    Re: Word crash when using the scroll bars (WordXP SP3)

    It would seem that the client is using a corrupted template to create the documents. The ideal solution would be to have the client investigate the template and repair or replace it, but that may not be possible.

    Some things you could check: open one of the documents, then

    1. Select Tools | Options... and activate the Compatibility tab. Does the document use standard settings for Word 2002, or different settings?
    2. Select File | Page Setup... Does the document have an unusual page layout (margins, paper size, ...)?

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