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    Changing Cell Color with Formula (2000)

    Hi. Is there a way to use a formula (probably an if-then statement) so that if a condition is not met, the cell color changes? I'm looking for a way to "flag" a cell. Specifically, if cell A1 references cell B1, I want cell A1 to change color, have bold text, etc (distinguish itself) if cell B1=0.

    Thanks so much.

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    Re: Changing Cell Color with Formula (2000)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    Formulas cannot change the background color of a cell (I assume that's what you want to change). You can probably use conditional formatting:
    - Select cell A1.
    - Select Format | Conditional Formatting...
    - Select "Formula Is" from the first dropdown list in the dialog.
    - Enter =(B1=0) in the box next to it.
    - Click Format...
    - Activate the Patterns tab.
    - Set the background color you want.
    - Click OK to close the Format Cells dialog.
    - Click OK to close the Conditional Formatting dialog.

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