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Thread: simple form

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    simple form

    If I had a simple form with say 1 radio button [2 options], 1 text box, and 1 submit button. How can I display some kind of answer (on answersl.html) when the submit button is clicked. I am using the get method: ( form name=iq action=answers.html method=Get )

    Example [answers.html would display the following]:
    Hello Ryan
    You selected Yes to the question 'Do you like food?'.

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    Re: simple form

    When you use the Get method, all of the values are added to the URL of the Action page. You can read those values into your page on the server side, using a technology such as ASP (from Request.QueryString), or on the client side using JavaScript (from Be aware that simply inserting the contents of a textbox into a page can be a security hazard (example: <post#=461754>post 461754</post#>), so for public applications, you probably will want to "scrub" the data first.

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