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    Warning message (Access 2000)

    I have a query based on productid, with fields In,Out and Balance.

    How can i get a message in the form, when something is wrong, i.e.

    Dim R as Report
    Set R = Reports!Audit

    If R![balance] <> R!In - R!Out

    From my form I am opening a report, where
    the discrepncies are marked with red.
    But i want to get a warning in the form,that something is wrong and will tell me to open the report.
    The report is based on the query,but the form is not based on that query.The query is:
    SELECT [qryBlInputSum].[Productid] AS ProductID, [qryBlInputSum].[grade] AS grade, [qryBlInputSum].[size], [qryBlInputSum].[SumOfSumOfQuantity] AS [In], [qryBlOutputSum].[SumOfQuantity] AS Out, [SumOfSumOfQuantity]-[SumOfQuantity] AS balance, [products].[items2] AS [OnStock]
    FROM qryBlOutputSum RIGHT JOIN (qryBlInputSum INNER JOIN products ON [qryBlInputSum].[Productid]=[products].[Productid]) ON [qryBlOutputSum].[Productid]=[qryBlInputSum].[Productid];

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    Re: Warning message (Access 2000)

    How do you define that something is "wrong"?
    When do you display the warning? When the form is opened, or when a record is updated, or ...?

    Please try to be specific.

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