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    what's ctfmon.exe?

    Anyone know what the program ctfmon.exe does?
    It loads when I start Windows Me.
    I killed it in msconfig startup, but it came back.
    It does not exist on a Compaq laptop with OEM Win Me.
    it lives in c:windowssystem,
    properties name Cicero Loader, original name CICLOAD.exe

    I only found one mention with a google search...

    It was the same question, in Danish, said it:
    Loaded modules:
    ntdll.dll : NT Layer DLL
    ADVAPI32.dll : Advanced Windows 32 Base API
    KERNEL32.DLL : Windows NT BASE API Client DLL
    RPCRT4.DLL : Remote Procedure Call Runtime
    USER32.dll : Windows 2000 USER API Client DLL
    GDI32.DLL : GDI Client DLL
    MSCTF.dll : MSUIM Server DLL
    MSUTB.dll : MSUTB Server DLL
    ole32.dll : Microsoft OLE for Windows
    vdmdbg.dll : VDMDBG.DLL OLEAUT32.DLL

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    Re: what's ctfmon.exe?

    I found a few references to it using Google, including this from CNET in reply to an almost identical question:

    "CTFMon.exe is an 8k loader that monitors your need/use of the Office XP
    'alternative input' methods (Speech, handwriting, etc) as listed in
    the 'Text Services' applet in the Windows control panel.

    If you disable it through running MSConfig.exe and rename it, it won't
    reload for awhile <g> but if you're using those features it may be helpful
    to have it around.

    If you're not using those Office XP features you may want to uninstall
    'Alternative Input' from the Office XP choice in Add/Remove Programs in
    the Windows Control Panel."


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