I know, both from feedback and experience, that the rules in Outlook, in part because of the way they are now stored in the PST file, are fairly unstable. This results in having to re-build or re-connect rules after moving a PST file. When, as an example, you back it up to another location, re-install Outlook, and then restore the PST file, the rules, although still there "in" the PST file, have (often) lost the connection to any folder that is stipulated in the rule.

Would this be true if I set up the PST file on a separate drive from the beginning? The idea being that if I set up my default PST on drive "d" say. and my Outlook app is on "C", then, if I do re-install Outlook, I haven't moved or changed the PST. So would the rules and the attendant folder connections etc. stay in place without having to be re-set?

Chuck Billow