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    Page n of n

    Word97 SR 2

    I have a document with 2 sections, one section for the document TOC and Doc Control Tables etc. and the other for the body of the document.

    I want the body of the document to have page n of n format in the footer.

    If I use the NumPages field, Word seems to include the pages in the 1st section in the total pages count so I get say 6 of 9 etc.

    I have tried the following:

    Created a field {set lastpage {PAGE}}
    and put it in the last section footer.

    I have replaced the NumPages Field with the field

    This seems to work OK on my machine with a test document but I have a document on another machine that I have applied the same technique to and it screws up on the last page number and calls it one less than the real number when I send it to the printer.

    I am doing this the right way or is there a better/easier way?

    Many thanks to whoever can help.



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    Re: Page n of n

    Because your document contains only 2 sections use field code 'SECTIONPAGES' in the second section.

    In your header or footer insert:
    with the pages numbers formatted to start at 1 within that section which must consist of the remainder of the document.


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    Re: Page n of n

    I have had similar problems in the past and getting round it is convoluted - why can't I build a formula?

    Anyway what do you suggest if more than 2 sections exist? My documents typically have many because of layout changes and therefore I need to say Page x of n where n is total pages less "preface/introduction" pages even is this is hardwired!!!

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    Re: Page n of n


    I came up with a work round for this old chestnut in the days of Word 6. It also works in Word 97 and, although I've no experience of them, I can't see why it shouldn't work for 2000/XP:

    1) set the page numbers to start at 1 in the first section you wish to count from
    2) on the very last page at the end of the very last paragraph insert a {Page} field
    3) bookmark this field, I call mine lastpg
    4) format the bookmark as hidden text
    5) create the 'n of N' in the footer of each section by using the {Page} field to generate 'n ' and a cross reference to the bookmark to generate 'N'. NB you need to format the cross reference to be unhidden.

    Despite the limitation of having to squeeze the hidden bookmarked field onto the last page and the irritation that the cross reference in the footer doesn't always update when printed (yes, I've got update fields checked in the print options) I've found this a lot less painful and more reliable than any formula.



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