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    Weird Connection Problem

    Lately I've been having an increasing number of problems connecting to the internet after having a very stable system for at least two or three years.. I have a broadband cable connection via a router to our two computers. Recently I have had an increasing number of times when I had to reboot and/or power cycle the router or modem or computers to obtain a connection.

    Today it wouldn't connect at all, and I finally called the cable company. They verified that the modem was working OK and they had me connect my main computer directly to the modem. At first it didn't work. After power cycling my computer it connected. I then went through several cycles switching between a direct modem connection and one through the router to see if it was a router problem. I also tried direct connection to the second computer -- it doesn't work!

    So I started over with a direct connection by power cycling the modem and my main computer with rather weird results. It seems like the connection fails every other time I power cycle the computer! On one cycle it doesn't connect. When I power down and and back up it connects. I have only done this a couple of times, but it's beginning to look like a pattern.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone? I'm really at a loss to explain what's going on, but I"m beginning to suspect it's something with my computer setup. Perhaps a virus or?

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    Re: Weird Connection Problem

    It could be malware - have you done all the necessary scans with "updated" AV, AT, and AS apps?

    You did not mention the OS.

    If you open a command prompt and enter ipconfig does the information look right. Entering ipconfig /? will show all options.

    A couple things to think about. Assuming PC1 works great, and PC2 through the same router and cable modem does not, then it seems likely your cable modem and ISP connection is fine.

    This leaves:

    The Router (I have had a single port on a 4-port Linksys go bad) - try a different port.

    Cables - tiny tugs on the cable eventually succeed in breaking connection - cables are cheap - cheaper if you build them yourself - but don't crimp on the crimper <img src=/S/wink.gif border=0 alt=wink width=15 height=15> - get a good one.

    NIC/Motherboard - ATX form factor standards call for +5Vsb (standby) voltages to be applied to the motherboard whenever the power supply is plugged in (and, if so equipped, the master power switch on the back of the suppy is set to on) - this standby voltage is used for the front panel power switch - it is also used for BIOS features such as "Wake on Modem" and "Wake on LAN" - this means power is always on the NIC and across the PCI bus. When you are power cycling your network (or doing physical work in the PC), it is important to remember to unplug the computers - don't just shut them down - so that all memory saving voltages (for such things as DHCP assigned settings) are removed. This ensures the PC/OS ask for and receive new settings from your router. Unplugging also ensure you don't zap cards and RAM when inserting or removing.

    One thing for certain, these type problems can be a bear to track down.

    You might try uninstalling the driver for the NIC, shutting down and unplug for a few seconds, then power up and reload driver.

    I have also in the past, possibly through frustration, given up, uninstalled driver, shut down, unplugged, physically removed NIC, and installed a new NIC (they are under $10!) in a different PCI slot, installed new drivers, and been on my way.

    Something to chew on.

    If you feel your own AV might have missed something (none are perfect) scan with one or both (in turn) of these free on-line virus scanners.

    Trend Micro HouseCall from here,
    PandaSoft ActiveScan from here.
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