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    Difference sr1a update and full version

    After I installed sr1a over my Office 2000 I had some problems in Word concerning various memory errors. I uninstalled Office and after that reinstalled Office 2000 (without sr1a) but still had the same problems. I uninstalled Office 2000 and then installed a full version of Office 2000 sr1a and now I haven't got any problems anymore!
    Does anyone know the difference between an upgrade and a full version of Office 2000 sr1a

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    Re: Difference sr1a update and full version

    There is no difference. The SR1 you installed over Office is no different than the "full" version you installed. I would suspect that the Word errors you get are related to something that SR1 did not address. See Q245021 for a list of SR1 fixes.

    What errors do you get in word? Be specific. "Memory" or "Run time" errors are often because of files in the startup folder, or is corrupt.

    Either situation is a 2 click fix!

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