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    IE6 and download (norton)

    Hello, I am trying to dowload some software from Norton to enable me to update my security software (I have subscribed) yet when I attempt I get the message "error occured connecting with server! Please ensure you have an active internet connection and your proxy settings if any are correctly specified". What does this mean, I have never had issued before.


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    Re: IE6 and download (norton)

    I'm not clear on something: are you trying to run the update from inside a Norton product, or to download from a Symantec web site using IE? If it's a Symantec web site, can you compare the URL of the pages you can load successfully (e.g., with the link you're trying to access to see whether it is on a different server, etc.?

    If it's a problem with LiveUpdate or another of the Norton tools, please provide info on your version, etc.

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    Re: IE6 and download (norton)

    Check your firewall and be sure it's configured to allow the Norton site in question.

    I just had to update my subscription and opted to upgrade and have the package sent as opposed to downloading. When I got to the order confirmation page and clicked on the link the Google Toolbar pop-up blocker activated (nevr has before) and blocked the page from loading. My guess is that Norton is doing something strange with the security of their order pages and it's gotten things a bit out of wack. If your firewall isn't the culprit the try the site a little later or contact Symantec directly. HTH
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