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    Lockdown autocorrect entries (Word 2000)

    We have a request from our Executive Committee to modify users autocorrect.acl file in Microsoft Word 2000.

    What they want to do is to input some new entries that "cannot" be edited or changed by the user.

    E.g. if a user types in the word "procedure" it would automatically change this say to the word "protocol" and the user would not be able to change this in anyway.

    The Committee has yet to determine the list of "bad phrases" and so-called "good phrases".

    The ACL file itself would still be editable by the user but "specific entries" determined by the Committee would not!

    Is this possible?

    If so how.


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    Re: Lockdown autocorrect entries (Word 2000)

    As far as I know (others will correct me if I'm wrong), there is no mechanism to protect or lock down autocorrect entries. Perhaps event code could be used, but that would be a problem if the user disabled macros.

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    Re: Lockdown autocorrect entries (Word 2000)

    It sounds rather Orwellian!

    Because one can undo an AutoCorrect by pressing Ctrl+z... I almost think it's better to provide a global template which would "standardize" the language along company guidelines by using Find and Replace. If the problem is e-mail, it gets more difficult. But the bottom line is, unless you deduct from pay for each noncompliant use -- not that I would suggest such a thing, although I did once tell people they would have to put a dollar in a jar every time they used a particular phrase -- it's hard to imagine that people will really get the message.

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