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    Administering Microsoft Mail

    Can anybody tell me how to find the control panel applet for administering a Microsoft Mail post office please? It used to be on all our pcs but has disappeared from all but one after various reinstalls/reformatted harddrives etc.

    Our office network uses Outlook 2000 with Microsoft Mail and net folders rather than Exchange.

    Many thanks for any help.

    Tony Watkins

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    Re: Administering Microsoft Mail

    you'll need to get it off a cd or other system. what OS do you use? If you have a win98 cd, it's in an exe called wms.exe (hope that is right, i don't have a cd handy to check. use search to find it). Do not run the exe, instead use winzip to open it and get the two wgpo files out. put them in the windowssystem32 folder.

    do not plan to upgrade to office xp, ms mail support is not supported (but will work if you upgrade). Netfolders is gone for good.

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    Re: Administering Microsoft Mail

    Many thanks for this. I've realised from your reply why it had disappeared from the various computers - previously wms was installed with Outlook over the top but clean installs of Office 2000 didn't need it.

    Tony Watkins

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    Re: Administering Microsoft Mail

    I realised that XP was closed to us for this reason. We need to bite the bullet and buy Exchange Server I guess but it seems like a huge investment and a big mountain to climb for a small office network (10 pcs plus one acting as server).


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